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As a healthcare provider, your first priority is caring for patients — and the buildup of everyday tasks like paperwork, scheduling and billing can get in the way of that. A patient management system refers to a number of efficient automated systems designed for tracking patient information, diagnoses, prescriptions, interactions and encounters.


*** Patient’s part

Patient’s signup, login & dashboard

First a patient need to register/login himself/herself. After that the patient will get a dashboard.


Patient dashboard

Here patient will get a total overview of his/her treatment.


Serial Booking

In this option a patient will see all the dates of booking & booking limit of each day & also booking time. Patient can book a serial in the available time & date.

Patient will also get a booking list. Where he/she can see if his/her booking is confirmed or not.

He/she will also get notified by a SMS.



Here a patient will see full history of treatments - each visit treatment report, test report, prescription, issued medicine, next visit date, all advices given by doctor etc.

A patient can print every details of treatments so never worry if a patient lost his/her prescription or reports etc.

Commenting system - A patient can ask suggestion to a certain treatment. The doctor will reply or give solution to every comment. So a patient will always find a better treatment from anywhere.


Patient profile

A patient will get a profile where he/she can change/update his/her information – name, image, blood group, age, mobile no etc.


*** Doctor’s part

Secure admin login system

We are providing Laravel secure login system auth. Secure authentication login system will let you to login all your users securely so that third party apps or hacker can’t attack or inject any kind of source code etc.

  • Auth prepared statements for database manipulation – no SQL injection
  • Advanced session security – no session hijacking and session fixation
  • Client side md5 password hashing – don’t worry if you don’t have https
  • CSRF protection

Interactive dashboard

Our interactive dashboard will help you to tracks, analyzes, monitors, and visually displays key business metrics while allowing users to interact with data, enabling them to make well-informed, data-driven, and healthy business decisions. This will allow departments to collaborate more effectively, and enabling employees to perform with an increased productivity level. That brings us to our next important aspect.

Total overview of:

  • Today’s patient serial
  • Total medicines
  • Total medicine companies
  • Total medicine groups
  • Total medicine types
  • Total patients
  • Total patient types
  • Total treatments
  • Today’s treatment
  • Total bill received
  • Total users

Line chart, bar chart & pie chart

Line chart - daily overview of treatments & patients

Bar chart - monthly overview of treatments & patients


Medicine management

Medicines management is an evidence-based approach to prescribing which balances the safety, tolerability, effectiveness, cost and simplicity of treatments. Good medicines management means that patients receive better, safer and more convenient care.

Medicine group

  • Group add
  • Group list
  • Search group

Medicine company

  • Add company
  • Edit company
  • Company list

Medicine type

  • Add type
  • Edit type
  • Type list


  • Create/add medicine
  • Medicine image
  • Medicine list
  • Edit medicine
  • Publish/unpublish medicine
  • Search medicine
  • By name
  •  By group
  • By company
  • By type
  • Print search details
  • Full overview of single medicine
  • Print single medicine details
  • Added time & date details
  • Added by details
  • Edited time & date details
  • Edited by details


Patient management

It’s safe to say all patient management tools have something to do with the overall patient experience. Whether it’s an online tool to make appointment booking easier or a way to converse with a physician, practices and hospitals are evaluating their systems.

In medical practices, patients are the customers, and keeping them happy has become a priority. Physicians are also looking for ways to improve patient care and build relationships between office visits. Office staff often need ways to automate administrative tasks and collect information. Patient management can do all that and more, and sometimes save money in the process.

Patient group

Separate you patients by creating a patients group. Here you can add different types of group by your own so that you can find or manage a patients easily.

  • Add group
  • Edit group
  • Group list
  • Group history by operator, time & date


  • Add new patient
  • By name, mobile no, email, id, group etc.
  • List of all patients
  • Group base patients viewing
  • Edit each patient
  • Patient publication features
  • Search patient
  • By name
  • By mobile number
  • One click patient treatments overview
  • Here you will get full list of treatments a patient has taken in lifetime.
  • Total overview of treatment
  • Print full treatment history
  • Print each treatments separately
  • View each treatment separately
  • Payment option for each treatment
  • Add payment by cash or card
  • Total payment history by date, time & operator for each treatments


Serial management

Taking a patient serial by day to day by phone calls. It’s tough to manage a patient’s serial day to day limit. Our serial management will help a patient to book a serial online from anywhere.

You can confirm serials at a time and you will get a list of daily serial with daily serial limit and also maintain all data in time.

        Daily serial limit

  • Set availability date & time
  • This will show in patient’s panel when a patient is willing to book a serial
  • Day to day serial list
  • Serial confirmation system
  • SMS confirmation
  • Serial data with time, date & client


Treatment management

This application will cope with various processes like diseases entry, test report entry, patient’s daily overview – blood pressure, symptoms etc., medicine issue system, billing method, prescription creation etc. This application will substantially simplify and accelerate the complete treatment management process.

We know that life in the treatment moves at a breakneck pace, and that’s why every action has been carefully designed to require as few steps as possible. This system has designed to help doctor fulfill treatments faster and more accurately.

  Prescription printing by each visit for per treatmen
  • Select patient
  • Disease entry
  • Diagnosis report giving
  • Diagnosis report result entry
  • Patient body overview
  • Blood pressure
  • Pulse
  • Disease symptoms etc.
  • Medicine issue system
  • Multi medicine issue system
  • Select medicine
  • Medicine timing
  • Medicine taking system
  • Medicine taking day
  • Medicine quantity
  • Next visit date
  • Referring system
  • Advising system
  • Manage treatments (for each treatments for each visit)
  • Day to day manage treatment by visit (multi)
  •  Visit base patient body overview (multi)
  • Diagnosis report giving (multi)
  • Diagnosis report result entry (multi)
  • Visit base medicine issue system (multi)
  •  Next visit date (multi)
  • Advising system (multi)
  • Referring system(multi)
  • Treatment list
  •  Treatment history
  • Search treatment history
  • View treatment history
  • Print treatment history
  • View full treatment details
  • Visiting fee
  • Cash
  • Card
  • Commenting system for each treatment


User management

User management solves the problem of managing user access to various resources. For example, the marketing team generally requires access to different resources than the accounting team. Further, an employee on the marketing likely doesn’t need access to internal financial systems and vice versa, a finance employee isn’t requiring access to salesforce or marketo. User management enables it administrators to manage resources and provision users based on need and role.

  • Create user
  • User role option
  • Admin
  • Manager
  • Editor

  • Block user
  • User list
  • User edit/update
  • User role changing
  • User personal settings
  • Name changing
  • Password changing
  • Email changing
  • Photo changing



Set your software as your own. Here you will find various features to customize different options for better experience.


Company information

  • Company name
  • Company logo
  • Company mobile
  • Company address

And many more…

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