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C & F Solution365 Features

C & F - Any person who is engaged in providing any service, either directly or indirectly, concerned with the clearing and forwarding operations in any manner to any other person and includes a consignment agent. Thus all work regarding to a agent for operating the whole process and maintaining the whole system requires a management software.

C & F Solution365 will let you to collect, store any information regarding to job, with billing and account facilities with expenses. So, using this solution will help a company to modernize data, search queries and re-collecting information very easily.

Secure Login System

We are providing Laravel secure login system AUTH. Secure authentication login system will let you to login all your users securely so that third party apps or hacker can’t attack or inject any kind of source code etc.

AUTH prepared statements for database manipulation – no SQL injection

Advanced session security – no Session hijacking and Session fixation

Client side password hashing – don’t worry if you don’t have https

CSRF Protection

Interactive Dashboard

Our interactive dashboard will help you to tracks, analyzes, monitors, and visually displays key business metrics while allowing users to interact with data, enabling them to make well-informed, data-driven, and healthy business decisions. This will allow departments to collaborate more effectively, and enabling employees to perform with an increased productivity level. That brings us to our next important aspect.


Total Overview of:

Total Users

Total Jobs

Total Bill

Total Clients

Total Received

Total Job Expense

Total Expense

Line Chart, Bar Chart & Pie Chart

Line Chart - Daily overview of Job summary

Bar Chart - Monthly overview of Job summary

Line Chart - Daily overview of payment

Bar Chart - Monthly overview of payment

Pie Chart - Total Payment Amount with Total Due Amount


Job Management

Our C & F Solution365 is a perfect solution for a C & F Agent to simplify the Job Managing and offer a totally centralized Job Management System. This application will cope with various processes like preparation, storing, job history, multi billing method, multi options adding etc. This application will substantially simplify and accelerate the complete process.


New Job Entry

Client Selecting

New job entry with required options & fields (as per requirement)

Save order

Job Bill Entry

Job bill entry with required options & fields (as per requirement)

Multi Options Entry

Job multi options entry with required options & fields (as per requirement)


Job History

Overall status of all Jobs

 List of total Jobs history

Time & Date base Jobs history

Search Jobs history by date to date

Print Jobs history by date to date

Due payment option for each Jobs

 Add payment by Cash or Card

 Total payment history by date, time & operator for each orders

Print each Jobs separately

View each Jobs separately

  it can be returned from here.

Customer/Client Management

We maintain a solid customer history-platform, grouping system for all customers, multiple phone and address storage and so on. We take customer management very seriously and treats every customer with utmost attention and care.

You will get a customer’s full history of orders, due orders & total overview.

Customer/Client Group

Separate you customer by creating a customer group. Here you can add different types of group by your own so that you can find or manage a customer easily.

Add Group

Edit Group

Group List

Group History by operator, time & date



Add new customers

By name, mobile no, email, ID, group etc.

List of all customer

Group base customer viewing

Edit each customer

Search customer

 By name

 By mobile number

One click customer jobs view

 Here you will get full list of jobs a customer ordered in lifetime.

 Total overview of jobs

 Print full jobs history

Print each jobs separately

 View each jobs separately

 payment option for each jobs

Add payment by Cash or Card

Total payment history by date, time & operator for each orders

One click customer due jobs view

 Here you will get full list of due jobs a customer ordered in lifetime

 Total overview of due jobs

 Print full due jobs history

 Print each due jobs separately

View each due jobs separately

 payment option for each due jobs

Add payment by Cash or Card

Total payment history by date, time & operator for each due orders



Accounts Management

Accounting is the process of summarizing, reporting and analyzing the business transactions to keep track of its expenses and income. Accounting software lets organizations to assess its assets, liabilities, cash flow, transactions, sales, purchase, balance sheet, cost management, reports and analysis. Accounting software helps managers to understand accounts in a better way and develop strategic plans for the benefit of the organization. Every person related to the business regardless of its type and size manage accounts to see profit and cost.

A simple easy account can help you calculate all your transactions at a time.

Here you can manage multiple accounts, manage your deposits, expenses, loans, transaction history and many more.



Account creation

 Account name


 Account no

List of accounts

Edit/update account information

Account history

 Created date & time

Created by

 Updated date & time

Updated by


New deposit

By account, amount & note

Deposit history

By date & time

 Created by

Search deposit history

By date to date

By account

Print overall history



Create loan



 Account option

 Loan history

Print loan history

Search loan history

By date & time

Loan refund option

Refund history

Date to date history data


Transaction history

List of all transaction

By date & time

By account

By type

Print history

Search history

By date to date

By transaction type


Inner balance transfer

Transfer money to one account to another

Transfer from

 Transfer to



Transfer history

By date & time

Created by

Search transfer history by date to date

Print transfer history date to date



Created expense head

Edit / update expense head

Expense head list by date, time & operator

Create expense sub head

Edit / update expense sub head

Expense sub head list by date, time & operator

Create expense

 Expense head selection

Subhead selection

 Account selection



All expense history

 By expense head & subhead

 By date, time & operator

Search expense history

Print expense history


Users Management

User management solves the problem of managing user access to various resources. For example, the marketing team generally requires access to different resources than the accounting team. Further, an employee on the marketing likely doesn’t need access to internal financial systems and vice versa, a finance employee isn’t requiring access to Salesforce or Marketo. User management enables IT administrators to manage resources and provision users based on need and role.

Create user

User role option




Block user

User list

User edit/update

User role changing

User personal settings

Name changing

Password changing

Email changing

Photo changing




Set your software as your own. Here you will find various features to customize different options for better experience.

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