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Major Features E-commerce Website Development


Front Panel

1.  Home Page

a)  Top Bar  (As Per Requirement)

b)  Customized Header

c)  User Friendly Navigation Bar

a.  Multi Menu

d)  Search

a.  Live data search

e)  Slider With Customized Text

f)  Custom Pages With Short Description (As Per Requirement)

g)  Custom Banners

h)  Multi Address

i)  Testimonial Section

j)  Video Section

k)  Blog Section

l)  About Company Short Description

m)  Product Galleries 

n)  Customized Footer With Address, Logo etc.

o)  Copyright

p)  Visitor

a.  Total Visitor

b.  Today Visitor

c.  Yesterday Visitor

d.  This Year Visitor

e.  This Month Visitor

q)  Post Scroller

r)  Customized Preloader

s)  Social Shares

2.  Product

a)  Unlimited Product Creation

b)  Unlimited Product Category Creation

c)  Category Based Products Listing

d)  Product Description Page

e)  Related Products

f)  Product Reviews

g)  Product Quick view

h)  Full Description

i)  Return Policy

j)  Image big zoom

k)  Multi image gallery

l)  Product commenting

m)  Product comparing

n)  Product Wishlist

o)  Product Add to Cart

p)  Edit Cart

q)  Delete Cart

3.  Post & Videos

a)  Unlimited Post Creation

b)  Image

c)  Unlimited Image Inside Text

d)  Feel Free to Use Rich Text Editor

4.  Page

a)      Category Page

b)      Blog Page

c)       Post Details Page

d)      Product Details Page

e)      Video

f)       Privacy Policy

g)      Terms & Condition

h)      About Us

i)        FAQ Page


5.  Contact

a)  Customized Page Background

b)  User Contact Form

c)  Addresses, E-mails, Numbers

d) Google Map

6.  Checkout

a.  Billing details

b.  Payment Details

c.  Ship to different address

d.  Order note

7.  Customer Registration

a.  Sign up with email password

b.  Sign up using facebook

c.  Signup using google

d.  Forgot Password

User Panel/Customer

A) Secure Login Panel

a. Laravel Auth

B) User Dashboard

a. Overall Overview

C) Wishlist

a. List of all products added

b. Search

c. View details

d. Remove

D) Purchased Item

a. List of purchase order

b. View order

c. Print Invoice

d. Search

E) Tickets

F) User Settings

a. Edit Profile

b. Password Change

G) Messages

a. Compose new

b. All Messages








Content Management System/Admin Panel

1. Login Panel

2. Admin Settings

a) Name Changing

b) Profile Pic Changing

c) E-mail Changing

d) Password Changing

3. Dashboard

a) Overview

b) Statistics Charts

c) Visitor Statistics

d) Worldwide Visitors

4. Category Management

a) Main Category

b) Sub Category

c) Child Category

5. Product Management

a) Add New Product

b) Product List

c) Search Product

d) Edit Product

e) Delete Product

f) Product Category

g) Rich Text Editor For Description

h) Deactivated Products

6. Order Management

a)   All Orders

b) Pending Orders

c) Processing Orders

d) Completed Orders

e) Declined Orders

f) Search Order

g) View Order

h) Update order Status

i) Send Email

j) Print Invoice

7. Customer Management

a. List of all customers

b. View Customer

c. Search Customer

d. Edit Customer

e. Remove Customer

f. Send Message

8. Coupon Management

a. Add Coupon

b. List of all coupons

c. Edit coupons

d. Search Coupons

9. Blog Management

a) Add New post

b) Post List

c) Search Post

d) Edit Post

e) Delete Post

f) Rich Text Editor For Description

10.          Messages

a. List of all messages

b. Send messages

c. Search Messages

d. View Messages

e. Remove messages

11.          General Settings

a. Logo Change

b. Favicon Change

c. Preloader change

d. Background Image change

e. Review Background Image change

f. Success Messages

g. Pickup locations

h. Website Contents

i. Footer

12.          Home Page Settings

a. Slider settings

b. Service Sections Change

c. Top Banner Change

d. Bottom Banner change

e. Countdown Section

f. Homepage video

g. Testimonials

h. Brands

i. Subscribe popup form

13.          Menu Page Management

a. FAQ Page

b. Contact Us Page

c. Other Pages

14.          E-mail Settings

a) E-mail Templates

b) E-mail Configuration

c) Group E-mail

15.          Payment Settings

a) Payment Information

b) Payment Gateways

c) Currency Settings


16.          Social Settings

a.  Social Links

b. Facebook Login

c. Google Login

17.          Manage Staffs

a. Staff list

b. View Staff

c. Remove Staff

d. Search Staff

e. Add Staff

18.          Language Settings

a) Activate, Deactivate multiple language settings

b) Add language

c) Edit Language

d) Remove Language

e) Search Language

19.          SEO Tools

a. Popular Products

b. Google analytics

c. Meta keys

20.          Subscribers

a. List of all subscriber

b. Search

c. Export


All features are customizable…
Technology we use



Ø  JavaScript




PHP Framework: Laravel 5.2

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Admin Panel:
Pass: 123456

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